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Friday, 6 September 2013

Counting sheep

For some strange reason I can't sleep.
I've been to nod land but woken up. I've even gone down stairs and had a cheeky biscuit. Probably not the best thing to do, loading myself with sugar!!!

Should I go and get my granny stripe blanket and do a row or 2?? Many of times I've woken up in the early hours, half propped up, blanket in one hand and hook in the other, lamp burning away.

I think sometimes I just over stimulate my mind and it can't cope!!!

Earlier in august I mentioned my other fad craze craft, decoupage.

I jumped from decoupaging a small papier mache animal to furniture in one night. You will see a pattern in my frantic mind!!!
Well here is my bargain 99p ebay chair that I couldn't decide what to do with, so I decoupaged it (you can see my suitcase from my hols sat there waiting to go back in the loft. Everything is on hold when a new craft comes to town!!!)

Ta dah . . .  (zzzzzzz)

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