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Hi. I am a crafty mum of two and live with my partner and kids in shropshire. I love all things crafty, especially sewing, crocheting, felt and I am open to trying new things. So, follow me and see what is my next thing to make . . .

Friday, 5 July 2013

Sweet summer bloom

I am usually rubbish at growing anything. My philosophy was as long as my kids are fed and water, anything else doesn't matter.

But, I've managed to grow these beautiful flowers.
I dont know what they are called, but just love their natural unruly wildness. A bit like my daughters curly hair :-)


Hooky time

The sun is shining, my lil man is napping and I'm chilling. I'm starting a new blanket before I finished the ongoing one!!!
I have 100's of jobs indoors to do, but can't resist sitting out here hooking away.



Tuesday, 2 July 2013

New shoes

How I feel old!!

I bought some 'SENSIBLE' summer shoes today.
I've been eying up some sandals like this for a while.
I've been wearing fashion sandals and flip flops and they are sooo not good for my feet and posture. I can just tell!

Anyway, I had a little treat today and bought some comfy shoes.

I always said has soon has I pick comfort over fashion I am officially middle aged!!!

I walk a lot and I was sick of hurting my feet in ill fitting shoes or sweating in my walking shoes.

Well, here we are. I am officially a sensible parent!!!


Who needs toys

I don't know why I bother keeping any toys apart from a few vehicles. My lil man loves to play with a pan and wooden spoon.
Firstly, he pretends to mix and cook, then he uses it as the traditional drum kit!!! Soon after I took this picture he demanded some pasta to pretend to cook again!!!

Will he be a top chef?? :-)

Such fun


Sunday, 30 June 2013

Wouldn't it be great if . . .

 . . .  there was a little cafe or even a village hall, where people could meet up and share their crocheting skills and abilities (and gossip) around here. I don't know many crocheters, in fact I don't know any!!

I would like to be very brave and set one up, but who would come? What if nobody turned up?
Eeekk cringe.

I need to share the love for crocheting and crafting. I'm lonely hooking all by myself (I don't even have crocheting blog friends!)  ;-(

I can dream on. . . .



Thanks for writing on my blog you two. Its great to get followers. It was getting lovely out here talking to myself!!
Anyway, I am writing on here because it won't let me make a comment on that post. I can on any other post.
Hey ho. Thanks again.
Sam, hmmm I haven't YET done the jumper, but I still have the pattern and I Will get round to it this winter!!!



I got chance to finish my new w.i.p. . .  This mandala

I love the colour combo. I found a home for it straight away -  my flower jug on my dining table, for now anyway.!!! 

I used a pattern from 'simply crochet', Issue 07, by Wink. The yarn I used is from James C Brett range, Cotton on. Great for using up scraps. 

Mmmm what to make next??!! 



This is my first attempt at a Mandala.
Again, these are so quick and addictive. You really need to know your stitches to work them.
Good fun though.

What to do with it when I've finished!! This pattern is from 'simply crochet' issue 07. By Wink. I used James c Brett's Cotton on range of yarns.