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Hi. I am a crafty mum of two and live with my partner and kids in shropshire. I love all things crafty, especially sewing, crocheting, felt and I am open to trying new things. So, follow me and see what is my next thing to make . . .

Sunday, 24 November 2013

A deleted post, for a fuzzy head

I'm not quite sure what's wrong with me, well actually I do. What is alwAys wrong with me?? Too much going on.
I have completed my first stall which was great and made a nice amount of cash.

More about that later.

I made a post earlier and I wasn't happy with it, so I ditched it :-(

I have another two to prepare for, which isn't as bad as the first stall cos I don't have that initial scary amount of stock to make, its just a top up.

In the middle of all this, this is happening too:
* Christmas is looming
* last week A was in Italy working and on Friday he's going to Chicago for a week. So, stressful with little ones, they struggle with daddy being away a lot
* my home is in need of some tlc. The garden is in a mess, furniture needs renovating and loving
*prep needed for my new business venture
* Christmas works night out
*Christmas visit to my Yorkshire family

Even though I'm not working, time is running away with me. I haven't touched my 'to do' list.

I need some down town for me, to wonder n ponder.

That's my moan. I am just grateful that we are all in good health.

This is my picture of the week, that makes me smile.
My Cath Kidston inspired peg bag that I designed my self without a pattern. It flew off the rail!!!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

No time for chilling


Well what a crazy week . . . again!!!

I have been working so to try and get all my makes done for my first stall 22th November! I feel I'm running through trace!! 

Here are some of the bags I've made so far. I have also sewn 12 make up bags, but require buttons still.

I am on some very exciting training tomorrow 'Starting a pottery painting business'. I am going by myself and feel very nervous. I am doing the training in the place to be around here for pottery, Stoke-on-Trent.

Sorry pics aren't great.

See ya soon

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Felting angels


Hope you she all wrapping up well :)

Whilst I was in Oswestry earlier this week, I spotted a beautiful felted fairy hanging in a window. She was so delicate hanging there, waiting for a new home. Well, it wasn't going to be my home for a whopping £20!!! wowza.

So, me being me, I always say 'I can make that'. Well, here she is . . . mine is an angel with halo.

I am hoping to make some white angels to sell on my stalls :-)

Catch ya later alligators

Monday, 4 November 2013


I had a proud moment as a parent yesterday. My daughter finally learnt to ride her bike without stabilisers.

It was a lazy Sunday. Other half doing diy, lil man snoozing, daughter drawing and me hooking away. I felt lethargic n groggy. So, me n my daughter got wrapped up n I took her to the local playing fields. The paths around the fields are flat and even.

The air was fresh and crisp, just what we needed to blow the Halloween cobwebs away!!!

She was whimpering a bit, but with a little encouragement, there was no stopping her and she was gone.

whoop whoop yeah!!!

So, proud. I helped her.


A new chapter

Hello people.

I hope you are all smiling.

I started the New chapter in my life. Today is the first of my new career.

If you remember I have chosen to take voluntary redundancy and I finished work last Wednesday. Things were crazy last week.
My mum was visiting and I felt I didn't have enough hours in the day. Thursday was the Halloween party and pictures 'may' follow later!!! It was great for the kids.!!

I am slowly starting to realise I add to many things to my mental to do list (did that sound right???).

I need to learn to say no to doing things and I need to be motivated because I am now working for myself.

My short time plan is to build stock for my 3 stalls I have booked between 22nd November and 7th December!! Argh. I am filled with trepidation!! The reassuring thing is that people have approached me to do these stalls rather than me putting myself out there. I am so busy making and planning.

My long term plan is to set up my pottery painting business 'Splat n splodge'
I am so excited about this but finding the right premises is holding me back. I have such a passion to fulfil this ambition. . .

So, today after running the kids to school and childminder very late! I sped across the county to lovely Oswestry to  meet a fellow VR'er.
We had coffee and did some shopping for fabric for my makings!! I also got a couple of Christmas pressies. Must be a first in November!!!

On my way home I called at my harbadashery supplier and found I came across the 3rd rainbow of the day.
Wow the colours were something else. So bright and stunning. I had to stop the car and take a picture.

Well, that's my recap for now. I will post some pictures of my makery pretty soon.

I hoping to tidy, bake, sew, food shop and be homely tomorrow . . . too much on my list again!!!



Thursday, 24 October 2013

Ding dong . . .

. . . there's somebody at the door or rather 'something new' at the door.

The new autumn wreath
I love it!!
 I'm so glad that I put the vibrant turquoise in there. It just lifts it and catches your eye
It is so quick to make and so that makes it even more satisfying.
I ran out of a couple of colours and I couldn't get them at the local craft centre, so I bought another colour. The only way I can described it is 'curry'!!
I shuffled a couple of the colours around and it worked out great.
I don't know if it needs something else or is it fine the way it is??? I hate that feeling.
I have a really old front that has 6 glass panels in it. I would love a new solid one, but hey ho. I guess some people would call it vintage!!!!
This is how I made it very briefly (I am not very good at describing things and pics not great, sorry)
You will need:
*selection of felt
*ink pad
*polystyrene ring or shape 

Using a glass and an ink pad, make circles on your chosen felt. This is such a useful and quick way to make perfect circles. My kinda craft!! I find this tip on the internet at Christmas and I cant remember where. If I could I would love to link to it.
Cut them out.
To make a petal/flower shape. Fold the circle in half . . .
(Very strange seeing my hands on pics, I so need a manicure. When did they start to look so old!?!)

. . .and in half again to make a triangle shape and place a pin through the bottom point
Then pin into the polystyrene ring or shape.

Keep them close together to give it a full appearance.  
At Easter I made one by wrapping mohair wool around a polystyrene heart shape and decorated it with felt flowers. I will dig it out and post a pic later.
Happy crafting peeps.
Well, it's PD day tomorrow and I have to try and think of some great activities for the kids and myself.
Mmmmm what to do!?!
Enjoy your weekend.

Hello out there . . .


Another mad few weeks for me, I think I will start blogging daily because my weekly/fortnightly/monthly blogs are just ramblings!!!

Anyho, what have I been up to.

This is one of the things I've been working on lately. I have been wanting to make a granny blanket for years. Can you believe I have been crocheting for years and I have never made one! Well, here it is. It actually wont be a blanket it will be a cushion  cover for my daughters room to go with he new roman blind I made. The colours don't show very well, lilac, pink, sage and cream. The one on the left will be the front and the one on the right will be the back. I want to do a final 4 rounds in pink to finish it off.

Here it is a sneaky peak of one of the lovelee finds from Yarndale. A yarn bowl. Love it. It is quite small, so will only fit in a small 50g ball . . . but I have a new toy that can sort the bigger balls out!!!! (More on that soon). It cost a scary £25 but I couldn't resist the lovely green colour and it is handmade and so smooth to feel and stroke!!!!

I have also made thins chintzy ironing board cover. Mine was boring and falling apart so I used a pattern from Emma Hardy's Sewing in no time. Sooooo easy and quick to do. I made this and the cushion cover for daughter in just over an hour.

The colours aren't great but they are the same as the roman blind I made her last month.
The above scarf I made for a lovely lady at work that is also taking voluntary redundancy from work. I used Wendy norse chunky wool. It is 50% wool, 50% acrylic mix. It is so snuggly. It looks great with a winter coat or with a smart jacket.
I used a pattern from one of Nicky Trench's book.
I have already had two people wanting one. I also have plans to make my mum one for a belated birthday present for this weekend, best get cracking!!!
Here it is, my new toy. My wool winder. I bought from ebay this week, but I need some practice to get the best technique. If anyone has any tips, I would love to hear them please!!!
Practice makes perfect I think!!
So, you may be wondering what the hell is this picture of. Well, it is the making of my autumn wreath.
At Christmas last year, before my blogging life, I found a great tutorial on how to make a felt wreath. I made one for Christmas, which I will post when I dig it out the loft and put it up for Christmas. I don't decorate early for Christmas, so will probably be 2 weeks before Christmas day!!!
The tutorial I used, taught me to use a ink pad and a glass to make perfect circles. So quick and easy to do. How do these people think of these great ideas!!
I cut them out and then fold them in 4 and put a pin in the corner and pin to the polystyrene ring.
This is the start of it and will be finishing tonight hopefully.
Can't wait to finish this.
What's coming up in my next blog . . .
* Lush presents from my great work colleagues :(
* Preparations for our first Halloween party - 10 screaming kids aaagggghhhhh!!! 
Kel xx



Friday, 18 October 2013

Simply crochet issue 11.

So, I never did catch up last week. Things are so busy here in our little place.

I got the recent issue of simply crochet and decided to make this super cute jacket for my lil boy. I found this style craft yarn in my stash and thought it would be perfect to man it up a bit. Not sure he would like it in 'pretty posey'!!!

Big news . . . I have decided to take an opportunity full on and take voluntary redundancy from work and start a new chapter in my life and career. I felt it was the right time and with the perfect support from my other half, I'm sure it will all work out :-) I finish on the 31st October. No more random craft purchases now!! But, I do have too much in my stash.

More on this later.

I have been busy working on crochet and sewing projects to sell at Christmas time. I have been booked to do a little party to sell my goods. Wow, how exciting!!

Once my head stops spinning, I will post my projects . . . (I hope!!)


Sunday, 13 October 2013

Flower garland

Before I do my weekly round up, I thought I would quickly post my recent finished work.

It has been half finished ever since I made the Roman blind that sits below it.

It isn't a great picture because the light is in front of the camera. I hope you can see some of it.

It is for my daughter room. I wonder how long it Will be before she notices it!!!!

See you soon


Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Yarndale 2013


I have finally found the time and the energy to report on my fantastic time at Yarndale 2013 in Skipton.

My journey to Yarndale started on the Friday before. I travelled up to mums in Yorkshire by train. I was very nervous because I had not left the little people at home with Dad for a full weekend before. But still EXCITING!!
I stayed at mums on Friday and we travelled by car to Skipton and stayed in a local hotel, Rendezvous. It wasn't my first choice, but it was my only choice!!! I tried to book an hotel constantly for about 2 months prior to the festival, but it was either fully booked or you needed a small loan to stay!! The Thursday before we managed to get an hotel, the last room!!!
When we arrived at around 10am. We parked up at the hotel and had a lovely walk along the canal into town. It was so idyllic and peaceful.
(By the way I am watching Great British Bake Off, so you may get the odd cookery word thrown in somewhere!!)
So, when we get into town, we said we would grab a coffee and head off up the Auction mart, where the festival was being held.
Oh boy, we got looking in one shop, then another and then we found ourselves saying 'lets just pop down here before we go'. Well, hours and money past!! We thought we could go to the festival on the Sunday because not all shops in town will open on a Sunday!! Oh the planning.
We walked along the bridge and spotted another lovely area for shops and eating places, gorg!!
So, whilst we were here I jumped on my mobile to try and find out where 'Coopers coffee shop' is.
This is the place where Lucy from Attic 24  as her Studio.
After a few curse words, I finally admitted defeat and asked a local shop owner. Ta dah!!
I am a bit shy when it comes to taking photos and because people where peacefully enjoying a coffee outside, I couldn't take a photo. But . . .
I sneaked through the café and found a little door and at the bottom of the steps I saw this sign 'The Studio' (Not very clear, but I was having palpitations at this point)
When I got inside , I was frozen to the spot. I felt like I was on a scene of a movie. I was star struck. I was giddy, tearful (not sure why!!). I wanted to sit in Lucys Lloyd Loom chair and start hooking!!! It was just how it looks on her blog. Beautiful!!
 I looked for Lucy, but just has I thought, she was at Yarndale. But her friend from Patchwork Chicken was there and had a little look around and got a little jealous!!
Anyway, we tore ourselves away from the quint shops and jumped in a taxi up to Yarndale (because we couldn't work out where to catch the free shuttle bus!!)
Off we go, getting more excited, not quite sure what we would find. Oh the anticipation . . . Eeeek!!
As soon as we arrived in the car park we were excited. Strings of Granny Bunting (that people had sent in from all over the world) and other crocheted and knitting decorations. Just take a look at these beautiful, colourful creations!!
Yarn ball and needles. Beautiful hanging Granny Bunting

Crocheted balls: Hanging fruit

More Granny Bunting dressing the trees
Because I had made some Granny Bunting and sent it off to be hung at yarndale, I had to search for it before we went in. I couldn't find, soooo sad :-(
We bought our tickets, £5, BARGAIN!!!!



This was so over whelming. I couldn't believe how many people from around the world had sent there crochet work in to hang here. Even those that weren't attending!! I slowly walked down to find my Granny triangles, but how could I possibly ever find it in this lot!!

I started to forget what it looked like . . . Oh yes I remember . . .

LIKE THIS (well one of them)
I was so happy I found one of them at least!!
Lets get into the main event.
It was packed and hot.
Each person had a cattle stall, which was a clever use of space. You could walk into the space, touch and BUY!!!
I didn't take pictures of peoples stalls, I thought it was unfair.
I will tell you soon about what I bought, a bit of this and a bit of that!!!
I then spotted the . . .
more bunting.
We walked through and saw people, in the seats, knitting and well nattering. Brill.
We saw Lucy's corner. There she was chatting to loads of people. People waiting to talk to her. Again, I was star struck. I dare not go and talk to her because I wasn't sure what to say. Probably the same as everbody else!!!
 I sat and people watched and rested to take it all in.
Missing the kids and the man!!
Spending money!!
Spending quality time with my mum!!
Beautiful display Lucy

We went off for more shopping and more ooooh n aaahhhhh!!!

Look at this cute little fellows. These are alpacas and are here to show case their beautiful yarn they produce. It was sooooo soft, but specialist and I'm not sure how to work it.

I found 2 more of my Granny bunting. People would look at me has I shrieked 'aaaghh I found another one'
Look at the size of this hook, I would get wrist ache using that!!!
It's getting to the end of the day, getting tired. We have yet to check into the hotel and get dinner.
Lets find the Yarndale shuttle bus . . .
Pee bo, I see it set in that beautiful scenery!!
We get on and are in a giddy mood! But love how they have decorated the inside.

After a unrested night in the hotel!! We headed into town again. This time we drove, not knowing there was a puppet parade today. Glad we got there early for the parking.
After a bit more shopping!!!!! Oooppppss!!
We headed to the local town park to find the beautiful Yarn bombing that Lucy had  been busy with.

This is Lucy's piece of beautiful art work. It is amazing and so imaginative!!

More beautiful pieces of work, but i'm not sure how I would feel it being hung in some railings after all the hard work gone into them.
We decided to head back to the car and make our way back to mums. I had the train to Shrewsbury to get through yet. Estimated arrival time . . . 6.50pm. YUK. The good outways the bad though!!
Anyway, on the way back to the car, we took a quite, calming walk along the canal.

Well, that is my blog about Yarndale 2013.
I will be there next year, bring it on!!!!
(I may even have a stall!!!)