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Hi. I am a crafty mum of two and live with my partner and kids in shropshire. I love all things crafty, especially sewing, crocheting, felt and I am open to trying new things. So, follow me and see what is my next thing to make . . .

Sunday, 8 June 2014

New projects


Well, firstly, I wore the dress and it got great reactions. I still felt very conscious in it, but I had to suck it up and go with it. I got loads of compliments and lots of 'where did you buy it from?' I got a couple on my assets too!!! Everytime I went to the loo, I re wrapped it in a different style and people, said 'have you changed your dress?'. We did giggle about it!!

I have another birthday bash coming up in 2 weeks and I am already thinking I will make another dress. I can't wear this latest one because it is the same people!!

I have started a new project this week. My first attempt at hand applique. I'm not quite sure where the inspiration came from, and why I have started with such a difficult design. I have stitched the green circle into place and a couple of the flowers. The flowers, once stitched on, now look like stars and bells!!! It is also my first time using freezer paper. I found it quite frustrating, because it started to peel away from the fabric after a few stitches. 
I will post my progress later in the week. 

My lil man is really into snails at the moment, which is not surprisingly really, because there seems to be tons in my garden, eating plants n veg. AAGGHH
He managed to get in the garden in his pj's and picked up this little snail. He started shouting 'GOOD MORNING' until it popped out of it's shell, and it did!! He was determined to bring into the house and put it on the fireplace and it crawled into my large tea light lantern. It seemed to enjoy moving in and out of the little holes and 'A' just found it hysterical when it peeped it's head out! 
We made it a little bed in a box with some leaves, but only if he promised to set him free at the childminders (it can eat her plants for a while!!!) 
Hard times with lil man recently. The usual tantrums, anger and sibling jealousy issues. I just need to keep it together and ride it out!

Well, not much going on here. Hopefully, more exciting craftiness next week. 

Kel x