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Hi. I am a crafty mum of two and live with my partner and kids in shropshire. I love all things crafty, especially sewing, crocheting, felt and I am open to trying new things. So, follow me and see what is my next thing to make . . .

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Finished addictive delights

This bright flower garland was so quick, easy and addictive.

It is going to look super in my caravan . . . When/if it gets finished.


Friday, 28 June 2013

W.I.P update

I've been working fast on these flowers tonight. They are so easy to do and addictive.

I used the pattern from the magazine: Simply Crochet' issue 07. The pattern is one by Jenny Phin.

It will be made into some loveliness for my caravan . . . Hopefully



Watch this space to keep an eye on my work in progress . . .

Phone cosy

The problem I have, is I am constantly dropping my phone. The perfect example of this is when my other half gave me his phone of which he had for 18 months. I had it 3 days and smashed the screen. Shocking.
I got hooking and made this cute phone cosy. It just does the job.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Naughty but nice

I made two . . . Yes two lemon drizzle cakes last night and there isn't any left!!!

Hmmm, I'm feeling peckish so I raided the treat tin and found this kinder happy hippo in there.
O boy, they are so yummy :-)

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Oh my word.

I am so excited. I got home from work to be greeted by a lovely pink package. I just couldn't think what it was. I rushed in and ripped open the packet.

My heart pounding . . .

Who has sent me a gift?

Who can it be?

I opened it and this is what I saw . . .

My o my.

I had just arrived home from collecting my new wool/yarn from a local store that had a closing down sale. 

I stashed my new purchase into my other new purchase.

Could my day get any better? 

Days like these don't happen very often!!!! 

Please please please click here 'Yarndale' to find why I'm so excited. 
I just hope we can get a hotel so we can be there. I will be there . . . 

Love it.


Monday, 24 June 2013

Get scrubbing!

I had a little bit of James c Betts 'cotton on' left over from my neck warmer project and I thought I would make a little cloth. Not sure whether to use it for personal use or a dish cloth. It is super soft. If I use it for a dish cloth it will get a lot of use, especially with my two kids!! It will certainly be put through its paces in this household however it is used!

Sunday, 23 June 2013

More bargains

I am such a bargain, upcycle, recycle hunter. Whatever you call it . . . I love it!!!
My latest finds are an ercol, small wooden bookcase and another farmhouse chair. All for a massive £10. The ercol chair needs a bit of repair. I'm not sure whether to paint the chairs or not.
It would a shame to paint the ercol chair. Hmmm what to do. . . The book case needs a big clean n a good sanding.
I am also eyeing up a few other lovely things, but I don't have the space. Maybe I could make the space!!!
Watch this space. Xxx

Card pocket in wrapping paper

I found this great idea on pinterest for making a pocket in your wrapping paper to hold the card. Its a genius ideas, especially for kids parties. We are always dropping the card or ripping the tape off. Love it xxx