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Hi. I am a crafty mum of two and live with my partner and kids in shropshire. I love all things crafty, especially sewing, crocheting, felt and I am open to trying new things. So, follow me and see what is my next thing to make . . .

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Bye bye bunting

I'm finally sending my granny bunting off to Yarndale.

It has been finished a while and gathering dust in the cupboard!!!

Any ho, farewell Granny bunting and I will hopefully see you in September blowing in the breeze with your Granny friends.


That sinking feeling

You know when you lose something precious and you feel sick to your stomach?

Well that's how I feel.

I lost my very special pandora ring in the school grounds this morning.

I put it in my pocket whilst I put sun cream on my daughter.

Unfortunately it was the same pocket as my phone and yes you've guessed it. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and forgot my ring was in there.

I've contacted the school and hopefully some kind person will hand it or I will find it when I collect my daughter.

I feel sick, how can I be so stupid


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Farewell gifts

Mentioned in a previous post here
I had made some personal totes for my daughters teacher who is retiring.
We have been busy again and made a couple more small gifts.

» Jar of jelly beans
'Thanks for BEAN my teacher'

» Jar of homemade cookies
'I am one smart cookie because of you'
My daughter loved making the cookies and begged to lick the bowl. You just can't refuse . . . It's part of growing up!!

» Home grown tomato plant
'Thanks for helping me grow'
This tomato plant was grown from seed and planted and cared for by my daughter.

I'm sure Mrs D will love her gifts and some gifts will only last a few moments and some will last a like time. I am so excited!

I wish I received handmade gifts!!!

All these ideas I got from pinterest. Find me on pinterest and looked at what else I've pinned: windthebobbin81


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Hmmmmm frustrating

To my blog members and followers,

I hope you don't think I am being rude by not responding to your comments on my blog, but I can't.

When I go to make a comment in the comments box it just comes up with 'ongoing...' And won't let me type anything.

So frustrating, could it be an iPad or a blogger app problem??

I will investigate further tomorrow.

Sorry again.


Beach huts Tote

Bird Trail

Made using Clarke & Clarke fabric, with inside pocket.

Dotty Tote

Made using Clarke & Clarke fabric, with inside pocket.

Totes Totes Totes

I have got the tote bug!!

These are so easy and I can sell these so easily at work,  friends and family

Check them out and tell me which is your favourite (more will be added soon) eekk

I can't decide which I like most, this is were I can't sell them cos I want them for myself!!

Teacher gifts

My lil princess is moving into KS1 in September and her lovely current teacher is retiring.
I thought long and hard about what to make her teachers as a gift.
I wanted it to be something that my daughter could make with me.
So here it is. . .
I bought some calico fabric and my daughter drew a picture of her teacher and herself. I also made one for the TA too.
I then hand embroided over the top with colours she chose.
I then made it into a tote bag.
I love it myself.
Great gifts for Nanna too!!!