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Friday, 6 September 2013

An eventful week

What an eventful week I have had.
After finding my ring, I've gone a lil bit craft crazy.

If I spot some thing crafty that catches my eye, I have to have a go!

This week  it is painted dolly pegs!
I know I know it is a random craft, but again it over takes everything.

I am the kind of person that sees a new craft, whether its in a shop or mag or internet and I have to do it . . . Now.
I don't just test how I get on, I go and have to buy the full equipment/resources whatever I need.
I go shopping in my various haunts, looking for the best deals on equipment.

Who would have thought that:
1) dolly pegs are difficult to track down, considering that used to be the only peg you could buy at one time.
2) when you do track them down, they are stupidly priced!!!

Anyway, I got the kit . . . acrylic paint, varnish, brushes and the elusive pegs!!! Not that cheap either.

So, all day all I could think about was how I was going to paint these darn pegs!!

The kids snuggled down to bed and before I earned the right to start my new obsession, I have to varnish our new bargain find oak table.

This table I got last week and found it on preloved for a bargain £20.
I have sanded and scrubbed the top of this table, to try and restore the grain. I would like to paint the legs, but what colour???

I'm going off onto another subject, but this is what my mind is like . . . A messy yarn basket!!!

The dolly pegs turned out quite cute and will look cute on a child's clothes line for dolls clothes!!
I had a random peg left, so I painted me!!!
Not bad for my first attempt, will I paint anymore???

I have also been sewing coin purses, but Will update you on that soon. I don't want to blow your mind.

Pictures are all together because I am writing this post on my mobile app.

See you soon
(Baking tomorrow I hope, cake pops? My 'Tear n share' scone loaf??)


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