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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Ding dong . . .

. . . there's somebody at the door or rather 'something new' at the door.

The new autumn wreath
I love it!!
 I'm so glad that I put the vibrant turquoise in there. It just lifts it and catches your eye
It is so quick to make and so that makes it even more satisfying.
I ran out of a couple of colours and I couldn't get them at the local craft centre, so I bought another colour. The only way I can described it is 'curry'!!
I shuffled a couple of the colours around and it worked out great.
I don't know if it needs something else or is it fine the way it is??? I hate that feeling.
I have a really old front that has 6 glass panels in it. I would love a new solid one, but hey ho. I guess some people would call it vintage!!!!
This is how I made it very briefly (I am not very good at describing things and pics not great, sorry)
You will need:
*selection of felt
*ink pad
*polystyrene ring or shape 

Using a glass and an ink pad, make circles on your chosen felt. This is such a useful and quick way to make perfect circles. My kinda craft!! I find this tip on the internet at Christmas and I cant remember where. If I could I would love to link to it.
Cut them out.
To make a petal/flower shape. Fold the circle in half . . .
(Very strange seeing my hands on pics, I so need a manicure. When did they start to look so old!?!)

. . .and in half again to make a triangle shape and place a pin through the bottom point
Then pin into the polystyrene ring or shape.

Keep them close together to give it a full appearance.  
At Easter I made one by wrapping mohair wool around a polystyrene heart shape and decorated it with felt flowers. I will dig it out and post a pic later.
Happy crafting peeps.
Well, it's PD day tomorrow and I have to try and think of some great activities for the kids and myself.
Mmmmm what to do!?!
Enjoy your weekend.

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