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Monday, 4 November 2013

A new chapter

Hello people.

I hope you are all smiling.

I started the New chapter in my life. Today is the first of my new career.

If you remember I have chosen to take voluntary redundancy and I finished work last Wednesday. Things were crazy last week.
My mum was visiting and I felt I didn't have enough hours in the day. Thursday was the Halloween party and pictures 'may' follow later!!! It was great for the kids.!!

I am slowly starting to realise I add to many things to my mental to do list (did that sound right???).

I need to learn to say no to doing things and I need to be motivated because I am now working for myself.

My short time plan is to build stock for my 3 stalls I have booked between 22nd November and 7th December!! Argh. I am filled with trepidation!! The reassuring thing is that people have approached me to do these stalls rather than me putting myself out there. I am so busy making and planning.

My long term plan is to set up my pottery painting business 'Splat n splodge'
I am so excited about this but finding the right premises is holding me back. I have such a passion to fulfil this ambition. . .

So, today after running the kids to school and childminder very late! I sped across the county to lovely Oswestry to  meet a fellow VR'er.
We had coffee and did some shopping for fabric for my makings!! I also got a couple of Christmas pressies. Must be a first in November!!!

On my way home I called at my harbadashery supplier and found I came across the 3rd rainbow of the day.
Wow the colours were something else. So bright and stunning. I had to stop the car and take a picture.

Well, that's my recap for now. I will post some pictures of my makery pretty soon.

I hoping to tidy, bake, sew, food shop and be homely tomorrow . . . too much on my list again!!!



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