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Friday, 6 June 2014

Posh parties and new frocks

Hello all,

I have a posh birthday party to go to on saturday in York and wanted something special to wear. I thought it would be a great idea to make something. Agggh why do I have these ideas.

I debated over patterns, fabric and notions.

I finally decided on the infinity dress (check it out on pinterest). Now, I am not the slimmest of women, I am quite top heavy you could say!!
I searched patterns and patterns and finally found one, that seemed quite simple here at Sew like my Mom. Love it. But, thought it would be quite revealing, and then realised she made a bandeau for hers, and here is the pattern.

I went to my local fabric store and ummm'd n arrrr'd and found some fabric I like with a good weight.

Here we are all finished.  
I love it but my top half looks so big and i'm not sure whether it suits me.  I am not over weight,  and the rest of my body looks 'ok' (could always make changes!!!) O h what to do?
The issue also is, I made the mistake of trying it on all the time and I started to pick fault with my body and become increasingly self conscious. 

I wasn't going to drink, but I think I may need one for courage before I leave the hotel room!!! 

I will let you know if I wear it, or drag something old out my wardrobe!!! 

Kel xx


  1. Oh Kelly, surely you will wear it? It looks so elegant and flattering and what's the matter with big boobs anyway! The bandeau gives it a - dare I say it - sexy look! Such a soft gentle colour too .. .. .. I'll be looking forward to seeing a pic of you having a great party time dressed in that beauty! Enjoy it! xoJoy

  2. Thanks Joy. I wore the dress and got loads of compliments about it. They wanted to know where I bought it!! I felt sooo pleased with myself that I could say 'I made it'. xx