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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Ta dah!!! for the granny stripe blanket


Just a quick post to say I have finally finished the granny square blanket from the tutorial from Attic24.

It is absolutely huge. To be totally honest i almost gave up on the darn thing. It isn't quite the size I would like but it is big enough. 

The kids call it the rainbow blanket. 

It didn't last long on my bed, it went straight down stairs on the sofa, the floor, the chairs and many more places. I hope it lasts the test of time!!!

I am trying to post a picture of Shrewsbury every time I blog or at least once a week. Just to show you how beautiful it is.

This is the view from the English bridge over the River Severn. In the distance you can just see the spire of St Mary's church and the building in front of that, hiding behind the tree's is The Parade Shopping centre, where my studio is. 

The path along the river is the one I cycle along. I don't cycle this far on, but this path tends to flood quite often when the water level rises. 

This was back in February. This is the English bridge where I took the picture from above, just the other day.

Finally, to make you saw 'aaawwww' . . . 

A little blue tit. I found it on the church wall. We think it fell out of its nest (not so smiley), we could hear its mother chirping for it, and the this little fella was calling back, but we couldn't get it back to its nest. 
Hoping it kept safe and managed to get to its nest. 

Take care

Kel x 

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