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Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Shropshire Hills: Chapter 2:

Hello again,

So, the last time I blogged was about the bake off, I will attempt to ramble until I have finished!!

I packed the car up with the stove, beach tent, blankets spare clothes, fishing nets etc etc. The usually boot full of gear when you have kids. Gone have the days when you can just grab a rucksack!

We set off to the local supermarket to get food to make hot dogs to cook on the stove for lunch.
Job done and off we went to Cardingmill Valley in the Shropshire hills.
Cardingmill valley is part of the National Trust and is absolutely beautiful and you cant move in the summer.
You can park up along the stream and sit and relax whilst the kids paddle in the stream. The stream isn't very deep , just enough to cover the foot.

Has we got there it started to rain ummm! Not to be disheartened I put the beach tent up for some shelter and threw the blankets in. But, oh no the kids didn't want to sit there for shelter . . . straight into the water!!

I rushed to find lil mans crocs, but no where to be seen. Uh oh, I can remember the lil man taking them off and throwing them into the supermarket trolley. The only thing I can think off is that I put the shopping bags on top and left them in there. Agghh.

So, off he went into the stream with his little suede boots on without a care! Oh well!!
You can just see a little path that has been made man and sheep!! I didn't attempt and you find out soon why!
The kids went off and stood over the stream with there nets and shouting to me 'Mum, we cant find any fish!!' I wasn't too optimistic that they would, it was just for the novelty of it really!!
Then I heard a big splash and lil man had slipped and get wet through. Lil girl being lil girl cant be the odd one out and she just marches through it, getting her boots sheep skin boots wet. I was a little cross with her beacsue she had been warned to put her crocs on if she wanted to paddle. Ummmm!
Deep breath, count to 10!
Anyway, I get the stove out and begin to light it. Well, try to. Only to find that there wasn't much gas in the canister and wouldn't ignite. So, that's not hot dogs and not coffee. . . . I NEED COFFEE if I am to survive this little trip out.
Bread and butter and water it is them!!! O well we will survive!
There is the choc chunk scone loaf to have, I didn't forget that!
I love my Cath Kidston picnic backpack. It has a large cool section and the front section holds plates, cutlery and cups. Plus, it is so comfortable to carry no matter how heavy it gets.
So, our spirits are a bit dampened. Kids wet and cold and mum forgot to check the gas before she set off.
That's it, we get changed, pack up and go.
We will go out for tea!
On the way back home I popped into the very eccentric antique shop, nursery and interior store. You will know what I mean.
Because lil man didn't have any suitable footwear now, he had to go into the buggy, which is never convenient.
Just look at this place, I could spend hours here, on my own.
This place is owned by Heather Brae, take a look at her website.
The above pictures are of Lawley Nursery. Very quaint and quirky too. Loads of treasures and plants hidden away and I could spend hours here too. It is a must see if you are in the area.
These little beauties are for sale here. My heart missed a beat when I saw them. I could picture how I would have the layout and colours inside!!!
They are fully refurbished and new inside. Wouldn't it be great to paint one a fab colour and then hook it up and park up somewhere quant.
I wish I wish I wish!!!
When we got home I nipped out whilst the kids had a little relax, or chillax has they say!!!!
When I got back we had a little face painting session, this always calms them down and makes them all gooey!!!
Dinosaurs and flowers are the theme for today!
Quick change and out for tea to my favourite place in town.
It is super trendy but child friendly (did that rhyme!!!!)
The views from the period windows are fantastic of the town and we managed to get a spot in the window. I could sip Pimms and sit here all night!!
Great idea for serving your drink, saves buying glasses!!! A great upcycle!!!
For starters, I had smoked ham hock and piccalilli that came in this Kilner jar still smoking!!
My partner had leek, and coconut soup (strangely  nice)!!
For main we both had slow roast belly pork and baby veg, with a cider ju. AMAZINING!!
Outstanding food . . . More pimms please!!!
So, I we have had such a busy day, you would think I would flop onto the sofa, but oh no not me. Off I go into the crafty nook and begin to sew . . . whats all that about.
This is my sanctuary and sometimes I have to lock myself in there to recharge!!!
Felt purses waiting to be sewn. I can felt a rainbow . . .  :-)
Before I go, I just want to show you there two new books I got this week from a cheap book shop.
I will be making a few things out of them soon, hopefully, and I will let you know how I get on!!!
See you soon bloggers


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