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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Our adventure begins . . . Eeek

Aren't the summer hols flying by? It will be back to school before we know it and we will be saying 'oh we didn't do that . . .'

Anyway, with the update with my goings on.

We started our holiday adventure on the 6th August. It was going to a busy one!! We had a great surprise for the kids!!

We set off to Bournemouth with excitement. We set off  early doors with hope to get to the beach before lunch time.
That didn't quite work out, the traffic was bad, but we got there at lunch time and parked up and headed straight to the beach. It was a lovely beach. It was busy but you could cope with it.

Sand o sand, I hate how it gets into everything. The kids seem to get dry and sand free and then they want to go back in the water, such fun!!!!

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