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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A visit to the local Quarry park

I hate going anywhere where it is busy, I can be quite unsociable at times and just like to be in the company of the ones I know and love.

One morning I got the kids up quickly, packed some snack, grabbed a ball and we set off to the park. In the town park we have some beautiful gardens, the Dingle. The dingle was designed by the famous gardener, Percy Thrower. They are so enchanting and are in the finals for the Britain in Bloom awards.

 The gardens are so well planned out in terms of height and colour coordinations of the plants. My favourite this year is the Fuchsia part standard. I love how they grow like a small tree and then it sprouts its beautiful flowers from the top.
My daughter loves the layout of the dingle. There are secret paths and the little gardens are layed out in such a way that they are like mini mazes.

The flower displays always take my breath away and the green green grass is so tempting to touch, I just want to walk on it bare foot (but not allowed) Lush!!!

 There is also I beautiful pond with the most darling ducklings. It was lovely to hear my 2 year old lil man to burst out into '5 little ducks went swimming . . .' But sadly we forgot the bread to feed them. The ducks don't get to see much of the bread though, my two little tikes like to nibble on it!!!

The entrance to the dingle always reminds me of a secret garden. It just calls you in, to discover its secrets . .

Visit me again to read the next chapter of the summer holidays!!!

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