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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Shrewsbury in Bloom - Growing for Gold

Hi all,

Before I start on the crafty side of my life, I wanted to share with some beautiful images of Shrewsbury at this time of the year.

In Shrewsbury, Shropshire, we have a large public park and recreational area in the town centre, called The Quarry, it is home to a play park, the river severn and a large grassed area. We hold concerts, fetes and festivals throughout the year. It is such a fantastic use of space.

In the heart of The Quarry we have a beautiful garden area, The Dingle, that is always planted with seasonal plants. It is such a beautiful sight. We took a little trip in there today.

I have been in the studio every day for the last 7 days. There was a wedding fayre today within The Parade and wanted to make the effort and support the other businesses that were taking part today. Its been hard on the family this week and I am having feelings of self doubt. 

The kids love the dingle. They can have a little explore along the the paths of beautiful flowers. 
This year they have planted some plants with height in the beds. It is so clever how they plant and group the flowers in height and how the colours compliment each other. It is like looking at a super imposed photograph. The colours are soooooo rich and vibrant.

The gardeners only use annual bedding plants. Each one plant is grown from seed at the beginning of the season and hand transplanted into all these amazing beds. 

I could only name just a small handful of these flowers, so I am not going to embarrass myself and attempt it!!!

These pictures don't do the dingle any justice. There are row of benches around the edges of the gardens. They are always full of people just sitting there, taking in the beautiful sights, sounds and smells of the gardens. You can see the smiles on their faces as they sit, drink coffee from their flask and relax the day away!! Lucky things!!

Last year The Dingle was the RHS Britain in Bloom catergory winner 2013 and then went on to win the RHS Britain in Bloom Gold medal 2013.

This year Shrewsbury is 'Growing for Gold' and is striving to win the Champions of Champions. The town is also full of beautiful hanging baskets and large planters full of amazing flowers and plants that are just a delight to see. They are pulling out all the stops this year!

I feel sad that I haven't been able to enjoy the floral displays this year due to having the studio. My life feels like it is on one big loop sometimes . . . a bit like ground hog day!

To celebrate the beautiful Quarry, Shrewsbury holds an annual flower show. I have been here 8 years and not yet been. Shameful again. But, because I am now a local business owner, I wanted to take part and celebrate the fab gardens in the dingle. So, I am taking part in the annual best dressed shop window!! It must have a flower show theme. I only have a glass front to my studio, you can't really call it a display area, so I am using my display cabinet.

This will be my back drop in my cabinet. The scene is of the Quarry with the marquee's. The marquee's are home to various floral displays and local grown produce. 

Goodbye balloon . . . 

I have added a couple of quirky pieces. I wanted it to have a handmade feel, so a lot of it is hand painted and drawn.

Here it is in my cabinet. To tie it into my business, I have hung a tea pot that is pouring out rain drops, depicting the Great British weather . . .pouring down!! The tea cups will hold flowers, so it will also look like the rain is watering the flowers. Maybe I will crochet the flowers for the teacups. The tea pot is kept white to resemble a cloud and I will also add other hand painted cloud teapots onto the background. I'm not sure whether to paint the tea cups, maybe with flowers? There will also be flower beds along the bottom.

It all needs finishing off, neatening and tweaking. I'm sure I will titivate it more and more over the next few weeks until judging day.   

Last time I said I would post my latest embroidery, well here it is.

Not a great pic, but I was following a stitch a long with sew mama sew. I am yet to complete it. It keeps calling me every night. I will finish it!!

I also did this little piece, with inspiration from Cath Kidston. On close inspection of Cath kidstons wash bag, I have realised that the embroidery is clearly done on a machine. Mine isn't! It has taken me hours and I have yet to think what to do with it. I was going to put it onto a wash bag, but I think it would be a waste. I might frame it and hang it in the bathroom! 

Hope you all have a fab week and enjoy the hols. Lucky for some of you (slumping down in my chair)



  1. Well Kelly, Shrewsbury certainly is in bloom - magnificently so; thank you for sharing the beauty with us. I love how you are arranging your display for the shop front, and your thinking and planning behind it - you have great creative vision and it's shining forth. Your little stitchings are lovely and the line of washing would look great framed up in the bathroom, I think. I understand that it's difficult balancing work and home time, especially when you want to do the best for your children, but you know, often the quality time you get to spend with them adds up to much more when it's concentrated into blocks and you are focused to making that time special for them. I'm sure you're doing just fine m'dear :) Have a good rest of the week, xoJoy

  2. PS That should have read 'focused ON' - I don't know what happened there x