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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Spring in a pot


Hope your are well.

I just wanted to show you my lovely little jug I painted. I decided that I was going to paint something for my self, for the studio, something to hold small delicate flowers. 

Ta dah! It turned out really well, so sweet. I'm so pleased. I wanted the look of a summer cottage garden or wild flower meadow. I filled it with fresh sweet williams and popped outside the studio on a little table . . . love it. I kept glancing over and feeling rather pleased and springy!!!

The thing with pottery painting is you have an idea when you start out . . . the colours are very pale and absorb into the bisque, you never know how it will turn out once it is glazed and fired. Sometimes you start out with one idea and the paints and brush strokes take you somewhere else. I am always excited to open the kiln at the end of a firing (with fingers crossed that everything has turned out well)!!

I am going to Yorkshire tomorrow for a one night stay, not long enough but looking forward to it.
Take care
Kel x 

(p.s thanks again Joy for the picture collage tips, love it)

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