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Monday, 31 March 2014

Hillary's country craft competition

Hello people

I have taken part in the Hillary's country craft competition.

I thought I was going to go all out on this challenge,but with starting the new business, time just ran away with me. I had to keep it simple and sticking to what I knew didn't freak me out.

I decided to make a cushion cover. I have a large feather filled cushion at home that needs a new cover . . . so off I went.

Here is how I started. I chose the fabric and trimmings to go with the Hillary's fabric I chose, Calluna Amethyst. I wanted to also add a personal touch to the cushion, so I stenciled a bird to the calico side of the cushion cover.

I found a picture of a bird I liked and used grease proof paper, contrasting fabric paint and a sponge dabber and off I went.
When the paint was dry I gently sealed it with an iron. 

I then went on to sew the two front panels together and pressed the seams open.

Added the trim. I chose purple velvet and cream lace trim. 

I decided to make an envelope style closing at the back. 
I have two young children and I have to put my soft furnishings in the wash a lot. They put them to the test!!!!
My kids use my cushions as trampolines, weapons and shields in pillow fighting and building them up to make a fort, so I find not having buttons or zips makes it safer and easier to live with.

I finished by sewing all the pieces together and viola . . . 

Let's see how long this one lasts with my two little tinkers!!!

This measures approximately 60x60cm. 

Kel x 

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