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Thursday, 27 February 2014


I am so excited, nervous, giddy, silly . . . .whatever the words are. I need to tell you . . . 

I just need to say this quickly because I am so EXCITED. I want to POP. I want to do a CARTWHEEL.

I collected my key for my business premises today. 
I haven't really talked about this much. The ideas have been brewing in our house for around 6 months. I didn't want to jinx my ideas,  my opportunities and my plans, so I stayed ssshhhhhhtummm about it. 

I finished work back in October and was looking for the right premises, with the right incentives for the right price (of course) to start my pottery painting studio.

We bought a kiln, which is situated in my garage, and I did a practice pottery painting party for my daughter in January, for 23 children. It was a big test but we came out the other end ok!!
This is one of the pieces that was created on the day.  My daughter printed her hand onto the centre of the platter and all her friends made a thumb print around the outside. It is such a great keepsake. 

The story started in August when we stayed in beautiful Cumbria and visited a pottery painting place. We took the kids and they loved it and it sparked ambition inside of me. Shrewsbury doesn't have a pottery painting studio, where you can pop in and paint a ceramic piece for your self or gift. We all found this activity therapeutic and calming. 

A seed was planted and here we are . . . 


My own little view of Shrewsbury from my very own little shop . . . GIDDY. 

More very soon . . . 

Kel xx

p.s i am in the process of working on the design of my blog and I just cant can't it right. any tips will be gratefully welcomed xx

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