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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Winter warmers


I finished my Granny square scarf n wrist warmers on sunday.
I ♥ them so much. They are so cosy n bright. They compliment the trim on my winter coat so well. 

I have had at least one compliment on them everyday,  I burst with happiness when someone notices my home madeness!!!

Now for some not so great news. Today i dislocated my right shoulder. I have had this ongoing issue since very small. But I can't remember the last time it dislocated fully.
Luckily, it popped back in after a few seconds. I was driving at the time, glad the road was quiet. I turning right on a round about. It's so painful and i've been advised to rest it  for a while . . . So no heavy lifting or straining it, wonder if I can get away with crochet?? Maybe try tomorrow!

I was out buying replacement sanding sheets to finish off sanding my dining table. Typical, I start something n cant finish it!!! See the pattern again!!

Chin up n all that. I can't sit still, how will I cope!?


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