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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Wouldn't it be great if . . .

 . . .  there was a little cafe or even a village hall, where people could meet up and share their crocheting skills and abilities (and gossip) around here. I don't know many crocheters, in fact I don't know any!!

I would like to be very brave and set one up, but who would come? What if nobody turned up?
Eeekk cringe.

I need to share the love for crocheting and crafting. I'm lonely hooking all by myself (I don't even have crocheting blog friends!)  ;-(

I can dream on. . . .



Thanks for writing on my blog you two. Its great to get followers. It was getting lovely out here talking to myself!!
Anyway, I am writing on here because it won't let me make a comment on that post. I can on any other post.
Hey ho. Thanks again.
Sam, hmmm I haven't YET done the jumper, but I still have the pattern and I Will get round to it this winter!!!


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