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Hi. I am a crafty mum of two and live with my partner and kids in shropshire. I love all things crafty, especially sewing, crocheting, felt and I am open to trying new things. So, follow me and see what is my next thing to make . . .

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Oh my word.

I am so excited. I got home from work to be greeted by a lovely pink package. I just couldn't think what it was. I rushed in and ripped open the packet.

My heart pounding . . .

Who has sent me a gift?

Who can it be?

I opened it and this is what I saw . . .

My o my.

I had just arrived home from collecting my new wool/yarn from a local store that had a closing down sale. 

I stashed my new purchase into my other new purchase.

Could my day get any better? 

Days like these don't happen very often!!!! 

Please please please click here 'Yarndale' to find why I'm so excited. 
I just hope we can get a hotel so we can be there. I will be there . . . 

Love it.


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