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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

September catch up

Hello peeps,

How you all diddling?
I have been so busy again!! I seem to over stretch myself with craft, family and work!!

Anyway, to catch up on the weeks gone by. . . .

When I went to Yorkshire I picked up some of my Grandmas furniture. She had down sized and also bought new gear so I re homed this cute stool (or buffet in Yorkshire).

I found out once I got it home, that it could be over 100 years old. It was my great Grandmas. It has got a few scars and war wounds, but who wouldn't at that age!!!
I grabbed myself a glass of vino and sat in front of the chiminea and lightly sanded to buffet top. Looking good!
I gave it a quick once over with beeswax and it came hope a treat. Just the legs now . . . don't hold your breath!!
September is the time to get the apples of out tree. They are cookers and not eaters, and we always have sooooo much. What to do? In the past we have just left them. Not this year!
There are still plenty on the tree. But, I had plenty to be getting on with. I gave a lot away, but I made some goodies with them.
Apple sauce

Mango Chutney

Apple and mixed berry crumble
Everything was delicious especially the mango chutney. We had it with cheese and crackers.
I must pick that last of the apples before they rot, hope its not too late.
Mmmmm what next . . .
A bit of hooky!!!

A new batch of yarn I got mid September. This is the Rico cotton aran range. It is a low price yarn, but not the best quality, it tends to split, but you get used to it after a while.

Sweet tweet.
A quick whip up. I found this pattern on the , but can't remember where, ooops.
But, soooo easy to do.
Crochet a circle and fold in half. Make a little triangle for a beak, make an oval for the wing and chain a couple of legs! 
Here I go again, bringing wooden antiques home, but never 100% if they are antiques or fire wood!!!
So, I just could resist this cute little cabinet in a shop in town, Wasn't quite sure where or what I will do with it, but I couldn't resist at £16. Nick nack dust collector then!!!


The above picture is of me slip stitches the sides of a 223x133cm roman blind that I stupidly decide to make. I have never made a roman blind before. This giant task came about because our bedroom windows are so wide that I didn't want to pay out for custom blinds. Anyway, I set out to make this blind and after about 13 hours of slip stitching and cursing I finally completed it.
The main fabric panel I used was a Laura Ashley remnant, but wasn't wide enough for the window, so added two green and lilac gingham side panels.
The blind was a brilliant success and triumph. The fit was perfect. Which window next?!?
Above the window is a box, so what would look more pretty than a floral garland.
Well, that's it for tonight. But next time I will be blogging about the fantastic Yarndale. I went and it was the best thing I had been to for a long time.


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