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Friday, 2 August 2013

I haven't forgotten . . .

I haven't forgotten to blog.

It is always in my mind 'oh I must blog about this, that and the other!!!!'

I have been so busy with doing the following which i will be blogging about asap (there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day!!!!):

{} Visiting family in Yorkshire
{} have family visiting from Yorkshire
{} fun packed days with the kids
{} sewing, sewing and sewing
{} moving my crafty place to a small corner of my mans office (well its not really a small corner, we worked out its just over half, oooops)
{} organising our trip away to peppa pig world and a beach (can't say it's my idea of fun but the kids are only small . . . And they don't know yet, would be prefer Disney land, but the budget wouldn't stretch that far!!! ) and London. 4 nights in total. Soooo excited.
{} visiting the quarry and dingle in town, where the flower show will be held. Plus, they have reached the RSH finals, for Britain in bloom. When you see the pictures I took today, you will see which. So fantastic and inspirational.

Here is a peak of some beautiful colourful delights that I discovered whilst in Yorkshire. I could have. Bought the whole shop!!!

Will catch up soon :) 

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