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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Lists for lists

Don't you ever find you make a 'to do list', but then each item on that list has a list to itself.
So I set to tackle 'the list', which I had put off all week.
I started with the one that I hate doing . . . The garden, specifically the over grown area that is under the apple tree and raspberry plants - where the fairies live!
I start by strimming the metre high weeds, which created another job (going to the tip).
Mmmmm, by then I'm sweating buckets. I hate gardening, I just don't have the inspiration, give me a sewing machine any day.
I couldn't face digging the soil over, maybe at the weekend!!
I also sorted the recycling tubs out (another job, that  wasn't on my list!!) and took all that to the tip too. This is usually the mans job, but if he can do it, I can!!

Its not that best looking area of garden, but you didn't see it before!!!!

After all that, I sat down with a cuppa and treated myself to a spot of crocheting :-) xxx

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